7 Bridges Music

As the 7 Bridges Project has evolved, a related music project has also been gaining momentum. To date, five songs have been written and recorded for the project. The first of these was written by Felix Buxton of Basement Jaxx, and performed by the local school children. The music project aims to produce an album of diverse music and songs written for Loughborough Junction, to encourage other arts within the area and to aid with place-making.

We asked Felix of Basement Jaxx to create a song for the project and he enthusiastically accepted to produce the first track, getting kids from Loughborough Junction schools to participate in this great track, "One Life"!

New Generation

Click here to read the article by the about the project!

Contemporary classic composer David Ibbett www.davidibbett.com composed this lovely aria specifically for the Cambria Bridge, written for electronica and French horns.


Ex-Loughborough Jounctioner Andrew Goddard wrote this lovely tune!

Anders song 02

Jack Chuter is a musician, writer and podcaster. As well as composing and performing music under the pseudonyms of Upward and Chuter, he curates large-scale sound art compilations such as SIGNALVOID and BRINK, which have featured contributions from Nadja, My Cat Is An Alien, Junko Hiroshige, Norman Westberg and more. He is also editor of experimental music website ATTN:Magazine and author of Storm Static Sleep: A Pathway Through Post-Rock. Here is his song for the project:

7 Bridges

Jacob Doran www.jacobdoran.com is a singer/ songwriter who wrote this catchy song for the Loughborough Farm, the latest initiative in the Junction