(Cambria Bridge)

There are 9 railway bridges in Loughborough Junction. Of these only one, the Cambria Road bridge, is blocked off from traffic. It is a raw brickwork structure covered in part with steel rail bridge structure and in-situ concrete slabs for the remainder of the bridge. The brickwork was mottled and streaked with calcium deposits. This is the seventh bridge but became the first in the 7 Bridges project. It was chosen as a pilot for the larger scheme, to help setting the scene. Along with the artists in the area and beyond, local schools have participated and created fossils as part of their arts programme, under the guidance of mosaic artist Tamara Froud. The artists names are displayed separately from their fossil in a taxonomy plaque located on the end of the bridge ensuring that there will always be a fossil hunt at the Cambria Bridge.

‘The Cambrian Explosion’ project takes its inspiration from the name of Cambria Road and has been transformed by a creation of a collection of ‘fossils’ created by 32 local artists. Check out the video of the completion day on 14 March 2014

And check here the video made by artist Marc Cowan about the making of the beautiful bollards he created
for the Cambria Bridge