"No performance, so far but tremendous promise. This place is a busy road junction in the centre of a triangle of high-level railway lines. Each road has a bridge a few yards along it. This unique signature could so easily be an enrichment instead of an embarrassment, the bridges accentuated and dramatised instead of disregarded. It is a natural centre, so that there would be no fear of tickling up an artificial relationship.”
Nairn's London - Ian Nairn (1966)

About the project

The centre of Loughborough Junction is defined by 6 railway bridges, visible from one position at the junction of the two main roads.

7 Bridges is an arts led regeneration project which aims to turn the bridges into a sequence of events which will define a place, engender a sense of community and identity.



Located around the crossing between Coldharbour Lane and Loughborough Road, the 6 bridges in Loughborough Junction are a unique feature in this long neglected area between Brixton and Camberwell. Combining an array of artists and creatives, the project aims to link each of the bridges to different continents exchanging ideas and crafts with local artists.


Numerous artists have already participated in the project, from Marcus Harvey who was among the 30 artists who have created artwork for the first completed bridge, the Cambria Bridge, to Felix of Basement Jaxx, who has produced with local schools kids the track “One Life” for the project.


Loughborough Junction is located between Brixton and Camberwell in South London, split between the boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark. For decades the area has been just that, a crossing of train lines, peppered with council estates and public spaces often neglected by local authorities, which has resulted in being one of the 10 most deprived areas in England.

What we have done

Cambria Bridge

Inspired by the geological age the Cambrian Explosion, the bridge displays an array of fossils by 32 artists.


We are holding a walk on the 16th of June 2018 as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival, taking in the bridges and other artwork in Loughborough Junction. Click to find out more.

Coming Up

What’s in the pipeline?

Pop along and take a look at the Junction!!


Latest news

Mama Africa phase 2

Now that phase one has been completed we are working hard to get funding for the second phase of ‘Mama Africa’. This will include the work of 11 other local […]

Works started!

Finally on 19th of June works have started in earnest!! We plan to get all work done by late July, so watch this space!! Here are more pictures: 

Our meeting on Sunday 11 March 2017

After a good month of inactivity, Network Rail has resumed the background painting of the Loughborough Road bridge, so we’re almost ready to start! Last Sunday we tested the ultraviolet […]

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