The 7 Bridges Festival

On June 2011 the 7 Bridges Festival took place in the heart of Loughborough Junction: a three days event, which featured a host of performances - from comedy, to music and drama - as well as workshops, literary and history talks, culminating in a fete in Wickes Gardens with a band and a choir!


BBC London radio reported from the festival interviewing, among the others, Loughborough Junction Action Group chair Anthea Masey as well as local poet Michael Gross. Listen to the interview here:

BBC London interview

The festival had a great line up, including a lecture held under the bridge by Dr Brian Rosen from the Natural History Museum about the Cambrian Explosion; history tour of the Junction with local archivist Jon Newman; performances by poet Michael Gross, Lambeth Youth Orchestra, Rup, Miss Kimberley, Dave Aardvark; talks by Stella Duffy, Adam Mars Jones, Evie Wyld, Brian Chikwava, Clare Peake and Jeremy Page.

Here is a video of the festival built around local archivist Jon Newman's history tour of Loughbourough Junction. The backing track is the "Cambrian Air" by David Ibbett written especially for the Cambria Bridge