7 bridges walking tour

Camberwell Arts Festival 2018

The theme of this year’s Camberwell Arts Festival is “All’s well in Camberwell”, and projects to improve the wellbeing of an inner city community are discussed in a walking tour of new art works and growing spaces in Loughborough Junction. Led by artist, grower, and community activist Walter Reed, from Loughborough Junction station on Coldharbour Lane at 1.30 on 16 June, the tour celebrates his inclusive, grassroots approach. Loughborough Junction has traditionally been a fragmented area because of the striking railway bridges that carve the area up, and Reed’s vision has been to see the bridges as blank canvases for collaborative art projects, bringing the neighbourhood’s plentiful artists together, and hopefully linking them in international exchange schemes with other artists around the globe too. The latest bridge in the programme is Mama Africa, now the distinctive orange heart of the area, showing our genetic diaspora from Africa, and ‘secret’ artworks painted in ultra-violet that are only visible at night. Its opening celebration with live music will complete the evening.
Reed has long been a member of Loughborough Junction Action group, and will be showing other parts in the jigsaw of spaces for wellbeing, place-making and community-building, including giant endangered birds by graffiti artist ATM, a representational and real orchard of fruit trees inscribed with the history of the area, and an artists’ open studios. In keeping with the “all are welcome” spirit of the area, the tour is free.

For further information contact hello@iongardens.co.uk or telephone 07967 651994