LJWWI Augmented Reality App & Cambria Bridge opening

On 6 September 2014 the Loughborough Junction World War I Augmented Reality App, a Heritage Lottery funded project conceived to coincide with the remembrance of the start of the First World War, was launched. The app is a three part tour of historical and fictional events taking place in Loughborough Junction during WWI. Starting in three different locations, the user would walk along a series of paving slabs decorated with different coloured symbols (Red, Blue and Orange), each functioning as a trigger for the AR experience as well as a chapter for each story.

Starting points of the app

After downloading the app on their mobiles or tablets - both Android and Apple - users would point their device to each symbol (on a paving slab) of the three routes which would trigger the AR experience, being this a picture, video, or sound, over-imposed on the visible surroundings on their screens. Check the app website www.ljww1.org where you will be able to find more information as well as a link to download the app. Watch the video here for a taster of the app:

Map of the paving slabs making up the three stories all leading up to the Cambria Bridge

One of the paving slabs triggering the AR experience


On 6 September 2014 the app was launched as well as the official opening of the Cambria Bridge: dedicated to the memory of community worker Angela Akinyemi who had sadly passed away a few weeks earlier, it was a very well attended event, with speakers form the National History Museum and the Black Archives as well as musicians, street-food and an amazing miniature steam train, courtesy of The Society of Model and Experimental Engineers!

Here are some great pictures courtesy of photographers Becky Sanders www.urbanistaphotos.com and Andrew Millar:

Watch this video of the event here with interviews with the writers of the three LJWWI app stories:

On 7 March 2015 we also held an intergenerational event at the Sunshine International in Loughborough Junction and the Cambria Bridge - watch this video of the day with testimonials of local users about the LJWWI AR App: