7 Bridges Films

A short-film about what's behind the 7 bridges project and its goals

Walter G. Reed explains how the idea of the "Mama Africa" bridge came about

Making of the "Mama Africa" bridge

First "Mama Africa" bridge workshop: meeting the artists

Second "Mama Africa" bridge workshop

Third "Mama Africa" bridge workshop

Fourth "Mama Africa" bridge workshop

Cambria Bridge opening and launch of the LJWW1 augmented reality app

Loughborough Junction World War One augmented reality app video

"Carbon Copy" a video made by Marc Cowan about the making of the beautiful bollards on the Cambria Bridge

A short video celebrating the completion of the artwork under the Cambria Bridge, "The Cambrian Explosion", the first of the 7 Bridges project

Multitalented street artist and film-maker Yolart created a beautiful if short lived mural in the junction: watch her brilliant video of the making of it

Here is a video about the "7 Bridges Festival" a three day event held in 2011 in various Loughborough Junction spots

Film-maker and artist Marie Lenclos produced this film with a class of Year 6 children from St Saviour's CE Primary School: drawing inspiration from the 7 Bridges project, kids researched the area, looked at the issue of regeneration, and set out to write scripts and storyboards in their teams, as well as creating the characters and props, before filming their animations using the stop-motion technique.

A short documentary about the "We Are Loughborough Junction" photographic project, which spearheaded ideas to transform the area, including the creation of the Loughborough Junction Action Group and shortly after that of the 7 Bridges project.