We left a notebook on the bridge for people to add their comments.
Here they are, typed out as close as possible to as written:

Very nice lovely and impressive work!

It makes Darwin's evolution theory look stupid! Great Work!

I looks amazing!! We want more!! (somehow)

Good to see something nice where only grot existed before. Alice

I'm truly inspired.

Awesome, thanks.

Best underpass around! Paint the bridge!

Y'all- fab. Keep going. Jx

This is a load of shit some of it.

Their awesome. Thank you

Add what the are next to it but it's brilliant

To Danny, Ab fab xxx

Beautiful stuff! Thank you 🙂

Lovely bridge!

Very nice!! xxx

A bit messy

Very nice

Who ever done the steel work should be applauded

Wonderful diversity of an ….

I have lived on Northway road ever since I was born (13 years) and I always have hated this bridge but now I love it so much! At my primary (St Saviours-herne hill) we made one of the odd looking things LOL and I helped make one! I think that they have done a brill job on the '7 Bridges Project' so well done! And Thanks. Kitty Gentle (13 yrs old)

Your artistic efforts are a delight to behold and make my cycle home a much better experience. I hope the pieces stand the test of time + any abuse. King's nurse. Particularly like the acrylic insects.

More octopuses please – like this...(drawing)

Thank you. You are brightening up my daily walks – and making new places for my mind do go. Vicky 29/12/13

Fab!!! xx

Good x

Superb! Thank you

Beautiful work! Wanted my own fossil but didn't hit hard enough! Love! N+J x

Thank you for painting plants and stars and sea monsters. From Eilial. 3 year old

Love. It amazeballs. Love, Faboloso Kidis

Toby loves the fossils


Fantastic . We live here and love it! Many thanks

AMAZING. Nice – the sea creatures intrigues

It looks nise Jordan

Well done!! Really cool. Every time I pass by I discover something new. All very interesting. Great creativity in the area. Keep it up! And thanks a lot for doing this

Really beautiful – we have arches in North London too – come make them fascinating too!

You make walking down here a pleasure. Thanks x

It is amazing. Fuckyou

Boom!! It is amazing!! I love lil Angel

Awesome! Nana, Niamh and Brian. We love it

Very interesting!

Well done. I wonder how much they cost. Hint hint

They r so sick

Keep up the good work, Thanks. No 9 Bicknell Rd


Thanks you!!! Gracias

Well done

Love it. Bit odd but who likes normal? You need a pen and someone nicked Ken! Trendy Dave x

It makes leaving the park a happier experience. And very interesting to watch develop. Thank you. Aisha 15 months x

U made my bridge better. I feel lot of magic here. It's better than it's used to be

Well done to you! Fantastic Fin

Great down here.

It's really fun, Isabella

I love it. Bella

It makes the place more interesting but some are unusual looking

Frosty and slightly foggy. 12/12/13. Fantastic, Wonderful. I wish my walks everywhere were as (beautiful) inspiring and creative-fuelled as my journey through this tunnel always is. S x. P.S. I love that I can touch them

Lived round here for 21 years and this bridge has been neglected for far too long. Thank you for all the hard work. Cheers. PS. The Cambria is far too expensive.

Fantastic artistic endeavour. Brightens up the bridge and makes the area feel safer. Keep up the good work.

It looks so cool, it must have taken a lot of work!

The bridge now feels safe, love Rosie

I think this looks AMAZE. Love it. Looks great. Especially the ceiling/roof. AMAZING!! Thanks

Its sexy!

We need a new pen please

Fantastic work. Well done. Adds much needed dynamic to this part of the area. Thank you! K

It's really made my daily walk a pleasure! Patricia

Is it finished? (joke) Love it. Quirky + weird. P.S Get a new pen 🙂

We love it!!!! Well done for brightening up a dull area and engaging people in the community to do something positive! Keep it up. Laura + Nick :0

Awesome dude 😀 Love it – thank you! X

All the mosaic are lovely.

I absolutely love all the mosaics and it has made a real different

Thanks you for making our bridge look so beautiful – we've been walking under this bridge to school for 6 years and every day it makes us smile! X

Je suis etre libre et fou! Greetings from France!!

This is great

Absolutely brilliant!! P.S --- pen

Fauvloso. Lo que mas me gusta, es la pintura del techo. Impresionante, Increible.Te ha cambiado el dia. Voy al trabujo contenta y orgullosa de saber que hay feute que dibuja tanbien. Saludos R.Rico. Zarrapastroso

Look lovely. Brightens up this horrible bridge. M Brown

9th Jan 2014. We're so lucky. Thank-you!

It's OK at best. The idea of reva------. Shit design and artist

I love Cambria Gina

What a fantastic improvement. Makes my walk to work a brighter experience

Totally splendid!! Well done everyone!! xx

It's fun walking under the bridge now

I love it. Mark

Crackin 🙂

Beautiful!!! Love it!

Thank you – what a wonderful idea! More art the better

Hi there! Thank you for making the neighbourhood a more beautiful place. Really nice work. Xxx. Jean

Thank you for all the hard work and effort. Very much appreciated. (are the bars 'rails'?)

I walk through this area every lunch time. Jah Bless. This work of art has brighten up the area. Very impressive. Trevor. UK Power Networks SE5 9AJ.

The Cumbria tunnel is perfect for a nice family walk. Lola. 🙂 Your fingers must be frozen but it looks flabbergasting. Lola. S

I love it

Walk through every day. Abso fab. Love it

What a brilliant idea! We have walked under this bridge for 27 years and always hated it. Now it's a real pleasure and getting better all the time. Thank you everyone. K&A

So nice this kind of art in a place that normally gets no thought. Beautiful pieces. Paris. B

So beautiful to have this here. Really brightens up the tunnel and the sea creatures are so beautiful. I've found it very inspiring! Thanks, Lucie

We love the Cambria bridge. Source of much joy for small kids + adults alike! Favourite thing is checking what's new each time.

A very fantastic and brilliant work

A joy to stumble upon! Look forward to following the progress

It's absolutely beautiful! Thank you.

09/12/13 Simply taking the time to express oneself to brighten and lift every day people on what was a drab and dreary 30ft. Well done. 10/10

Beautiful! Adds a sprinkle of magic on an otherwise grey day. Thank you. Y

Before now I could never walk through this way because it look unpleasant. Now I actually look forward to walk through this way. I have change my normal route this way. Good work and thank you! Jay SW9

This is wonderful. Great, Extraordinary. Thank you all. I love it

This is amazing – It's great fun. It's good to have artwork under a bridge.

It's really excellent – thank you! It's made a huge difference to how this area feels. The theme – Cambria fossils – is really successful. Thank you! Local resident

Every art piece looks amazing. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication. Emer

It's ace, we love it – best tunnel in Britain. C&B 🙂


Great artwork – love the painting on the tunnel roof. Vivienne and Whippy

I love this. All work a gathering on the --- wall. Good job!!

Nice one. ONE LOVE Cambria

It has been wonderful to see this improve since I moved in (next door!) to the pub 2 years ago. We love it! Beautiful. Jen x (number41)

Sexy shit, nice one love x

Evolution of creatures is relevant to our own growth (I guess)

7/12/13. It's fantastic. Thank you. Our own art gallery! Penny

We love it! Keep up the good work, many congratulations! Bernie

I love it here!

Fantastic. This whole project is amazing. Andrew Makower

Please do more! What the area needs


Wonderful! Please tell us who the artists are. Luke

Tell us who the artist is: ATM

My 5 year old son (and I) love it. X

My favourite bit (today!) is the insects in Amber. Lovely to see art being part of real life and making it better for us all! Rebecca .09/12/13

Great work guys x. Coruis was ere . Yolo

This is beautiful!

Yeah, looks fab, has brought the tunnel to life, great effort. Love Joe xxx

We both love walking together through the tunnel for a lovely evening stroll. Mr and Mrs Moodith

Salvo MC as been living here 4 4 years. Love yall!!

Liked it more when less on walls.

It looks nice

We love the patterns on the ceiling and on the walls. Treddio and Adam Pope

Thanks for painting the sky and letting us look at the sea monsters. From Elliot

It's very nice. I like it. Claire

Inspired and inspiring – my favourite explosion. Alex

Every trip to the park is an adventure now. Thank you for brightening up the neighbourhood!

Best walkway / under bridge in London. I love seeing it grow and change whenever I'm about. I wish more people would do this in the city.

Hello. Really cool. Keep up the good work! Thank you!!

The work is great. We love walking under the bridge to the park.

LOL. We love it. Scarlett Angelica Sammen

Love it. Angelica

Brilliant work. Good the brighten + enrich the environment. Rosie

It's brilliant! Very impressive work – it makes me look forward to walking under this bridge. X

1st of Jan 2014. Bloody Amazing. I've nearly missed my train looking at this work

Really nice to see a collection of community art (not just one artist's work) as like it reflects our community – maybe a blackboard for anyone to join in? 😉

Its very good

New pictures fantastic, oo. Snappy snaps, folks. New Deal

Thank you for the inspiration for daring to reclaim the bricks. Thank you. One love

Lovely !!! We walk past here every day and still there's something new.

It's like a gallery for the kids. We love it! Thank you x

Love it. Please get on with the other bridges. Stuart (SE24)

Great art work, fantastic to reclaim the structure for art. SE5 Mark

Lovely to see nice artwork on wall instead of graffiti

I like ur species caterpillar. Very nice it makes me smile.

Are the bugs real? And were they already dead?