The 7 Bridges mural

a project by Yolart

The brilliantly multitalented artist and film-maker Yolart was commissioned for a mural on two walls right at the junction.

The first part of the mural

Mixing digital illustrations, Polish artist Yola Kudela Yolart reinterpreted Ford Madox’s famous painting ‘Work’ in which he portrayed the totality of the Victorian social system and the transition from a rural to an urban economy.

and the second half

Yola re-imagined the painting in a contemporary fashion, inviting local residents to be photographed in it.

"Work; the 7 Bridges Mural - making of" a video by Yolart

The mural was short-lived unfortunately, as shortly after completion an exceptional bout of bad weather (aided by a mini-tornado) swept the whole paste-up away (together with all the billboards beneath!). It was temporarily put up again as a billboard, right beneath the walls where it first stood - so it might come back again in another spot sometime soon!